Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awesome August!

What a busy month it has been! I started the month off with the "Stampin' in the U.P. of Michigan" Stamper get-together in my beautiful hometown Baraga. Then my family and I were off for a week of Family Church Camp in the small community of Forest Junction WI. We got home from there and found all these wonderful new Stampin' Up! Fall & Winter 2008 Idea Book & Catalogs waiting on my front porch along with about 6 other boxes of stuff that had been delivered while I was gone. I spent a week catching up on laundry & mail and getting ready for the next big thing..."A Church in a Day" Project being prepared for by some dear friends of ours that have a Home Missions church they began in Hancock, MI about 4 years ago. Of course, with all the help they are going to get, I volunteered to make the 350 Thank You Cards they figured they would need, while I impatiently waited for my Stampin' Up! order with all the NEW stuff in it. Cards, got done, new stuff arrived, and I am revved up and ready to go! But, we are camping this weekend, and so I plan to bring stuff to "detail" with watercolors, pencils, you know... stamp the pictures and color/pierce/cutout at a picnic table. Then home and back to real life again, with the addition of starting my youngest daughter a Kindergarten Home Schooling. you know what I've been up to, still lots to catch up on - I have lots of cards (yes, I made a few while I've been on the run) to show you pictures and details, but I'll do a bit at a time and get caught up. I would apologize for being gone so long, but hey, we use electric blankets 11 months of the year, so when summer's here, we go with it!
August was Awesome!!!

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