Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Having Long Distance Technical Difficulties...

Hello - been seeing some busy times the last few months, with trying to get things at home organized while planning to spend some time in Grand Rapids, MI with my oldest daughter and her family helping out where I can as they await the arrival of their soon-coming twin girls. I am now "there" and I will openly admit that I am not being totally selfless in this endeavor, as I (& 5 year old Auntie Nattie) am/are truly enjoying this time getting to see all my grandchildren, the youngest one being just one year old last week, and this was my first visit with him...and he is all are of them and I would LOVE to show them off...but it is with great anxiety that I am not able to use my 'puter until I work out some kinks in the system. I am hoping I can figure out how to get pictures up tomorrow... so please don't give up on me...I also will have a card set to share and a challenge... IF I cannot get pictures in, I will at least write out a good description of the card challenge...and see how many will try it!

Until then!