Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sheetloads of Cards Challenge

This is the card I did to get the December Challenge Card done, before the month's end. I found this great fun little blog in November and have become really enthused about it. They have taken card making to a new level of creativity, by coming up with these card sketches, once a month. I do quite a few challenges to broaden my idea pool, and a sketch is kind of like a map that gives you a layout to use for your card. "Sheetloads of Cards" has gone one step better and besides giving us the sketch, they give you the measurements for one card, and also for a batch of cards. This sketch gives you the cutting guide for 8 cards, last month it was given for 6. i think it goes by the convenient size to get the most out of your cardstock and pattern paper. They (SOC) even tell you exactly how much ribbon you will need. You can read about this here. Please look at a few posts to get the gist of it, clicking on the e-magazine you can save it or view's a free publication and you can go back to their earlier issues as well too.
I love "free" and sharing "free" is fun too!
C-Ya Later!

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Joanne Travis said...

What an awesome layout!! I think I may use this at my next stamp club. My group loves to see unique new card folds and layout and this one is perfect.
Beautifully done, Cheryl!!