Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pattern of Friendship & Accident Update

This is a Sketch Challenge Card for today that I started out with the front most panel (from my S&F box, so it was already stamped, pieced and sponged), and worked to the back. My biggest challenge was deciding what colors to compliment the paper-pieced dresses with. My cold is still miserable and I am truly challenged for picking colors when I am sick. When I got to the ribbon, I was stumped, so I asked for the helpful advice of my stamping buddy, Natalie, who is also my 4&1/2 year old daughter. I gave her about 5 choices and she chose the one I least liked and based her decision on the white flowers matching the pinked white layer and daisies, and the pinks daisies matching the dress. I had asked, so I did put it on, added some buttons and made it "our" card. It's a cheery looking card if nothing else!

An update on my parents, who were in a car accident last week: I can not express my gratitude to all who have prayed for them...and me. All I can say is that God is truly merciful. My mom's face is continuing to bruise, but she is doing all right...probably overdoing it if I know her. My dad's shoulder and wrist pain brought him to the doctor's office yesterday to be examined again, and his wrist was broken after all. His shoulder also looks to have some rotator cuff?/cup? (not sure what she said) problems as well. So he is looking at having his wrist cast tomorrow, and not sure how long he'll have to wait for help on his shoulder. I dearly wish I could be out there to help out more, but until I recoup from my cold, I'm keeping my distance. The woman in the other car, has some neck injuries, 2 fractured neck bones, but not paralyzed, thank God! Still, she is restricted on what she can do, so Ill be continuing to pray for her too.


Joanne Travis said...

Thanks for the update, Cheryl. Bruises and bones can always heal, thank the Lord. They will be back to normal in no time, I'm sure.

Your card is excellent!! Love your coloring and the colors you chose. So pretty!

Vicki said...

Love that card, I wish I had got that set! LOVE IT!!!

Jaspere said...

Glad they are healing although the process may be long and hard. Thanks for sharing your challenge card. I love the paper piecing its one of my favorite things to do.

*Sally* said...

Thanks for the update, glad they are on the mend and you fathers wrist is finally getting sorted.

Love the card, the buttons are very cute.

Michelle said...

Hang in there! Sounds like every day is bringing you closer to healing, your family too! I love the card too! It looks so 60's to me! Your daughter did a good job on picking it out!

Tammy said...

Cute card! So Lucy and Ethel!

I'm glad your parents are getting better. Pray that your dad doesn't have to have rotator cuff surgery. My mom has had it twice on both shoulders.

Honesty is the best policy. The pain is horrible and the recuperation is long.

I hope that your dad doesn't have to go through that.

Keep us informed about them. I hope they continue to heal.

Sherberts said...

Glad to hear your parents are healing. My daughter loves it when I ask her "design" opinions. A very cheerful card!

Jackie said...

Pretty did a great job on this!!

I hope your parents continue to heal and get better everyday!!!

sumbine said...

Great card, i like the fresh colors.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Tina said...

I am glad your parents are getting good care and that they are doing better!

Your card is great love the dresses!

Ronnie said...

TY for letting us know how your parents are doing. I'm sorry your Dad's wrist is broken after all. But hopefully it won't take too long to heal. I will keep them both in my prayers. I hope you start feeling better asap!

Your card is so pretty! I love the stamped image and the colors you used.