Monday, November 24, 2008

Chistmas Snowman

I made this card as a result of a fun-looking challenge at SheetLoad. Although it should have been a quick card, it took way longer than I thought it would, but only because I was 'finger-inking' the black & white gingham ribbon and kept smudging red on my Bordering Blue card. The stamp is an older PSX image I got when I was a newer stamper, and the greeting is from SU's 'Heard from the Heart' set. I watercolored the snowman, using SU's Wonderful Watercolor Crayons and the Neutral Crayons, which is where I got the white from. I Liquid Appliqued the carrot with orange, and fastened my finger-inked ribbons with red brads.

'Finger-inking' is my own name for a technique I use to color ribbon to match my need without having to buy every shade and variety of color...but you wouldn't know that from looking at my ribbon stash! LOL I did not make up the technique, but gosh, I have to call it something when I am explaining it! I simply take my ribbon, (usually it's white grosgrain or satin but in this case, gingham) and the ink color pad that I would like it to match. Then I hold the ribbon end tightly between two fingers with one hand and push my index finger over the top of the ribbon, close to my gripping fingers, and pull the ribbon through the inkpad. Flip it over and do the other side for 'evenness.' (is that even a word?) You may have to do this a couple of times for the color you want, and then let it dry a bit so you don't smudge the paper when you attach...then be sure to wash your hands well before going back to work on your project. Soap doesn't always get the darker colors out, but use a cleaner like 'Awesome' (from Family Dollar or a dollar store - works great on everything and CHEAP!) directly on your skin and it should come right off.
Thanks for looking and enjoy your weekend!


Maria Jesus said...

Hi Cheryl

thank you for visiting my blog :)

Your cards is very nice, i like the snowman and my favorite birds, the cardinal, very lovely card


Jackie said...

This is pretty! great colors too...very nice work!!!

Sherberts said...

Isn't that always the case...the cards that look like they should be fast take waaay longer! Very nice card!

Michelle said...

Really cute card! I like the idea you gave too! TFS!

Brenda (sassybee) said...

Thanks for teaching me your "finger inking" method. I will definitely be trying it out soon!