Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twinkling Snowflake Card

Ther SCS Sketch Challenge today is my fist card in about 2 weeks or so. I tried and tried to catch the sparkle of the rhinestones on this card, and they still look like brads! I used the snowflake from SU's retired "Perfect Presentation" set and the Cuttlebig Snowflake embossing template in my Big Shot. I punched the squares with what I thought was Baja Breeze, and turned out it was Soft Sky (last year's In-Color). Since I already had the snowflakes stamped in Baja, I decided to combine the 2 colors, as they do blend well together, and used Baja Brezze cardstock on the card's bottom side. The Black ribbon, is actually paper, and I had grosgrain in a light blue that matched. I added the sparkles, on the ribbon and on the snowflake centers. Easy card!
Although I wanted to put a greeting on it, there didn't seem to be a place for one that looked right without being overmuch. Suggestions would be welcomed!


After 2 weeks of not participating in any challenges, I am back to making cards again. I saw the Pink Week come up and I absolutely couldn't bring myself to jumping on the bandwagon when I knew that I myself, hadn't had a mammogram in over 5 years. (Yikes!) In that period I had a pregnancy and extended nursing, but had put it off an extra couple years. I felt to participate would have been kinda hypocritical and I made an appointment for myself on that first pink day - and yesterday I finally had the "squish." In and out in 20 minutes - why do some of us procrastinate? We really do owe it to ourselves to take precautions. Our daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, and mothers might just follow our footsteps! So, I kept busy with another project.


I have been re-arranging stuff in my stamp room for the past 2 weeks. My sweet husband was able to get a hold of a desk-hutch from his workplace about 2 weeks ago so I finally have a good place for all my 12x12 Stampin' Up! card stock and designer papers. scrapbooks & kits and stuff like that. I got that all set up and then he brought home another one! This was a bigger project because, I had this huge place of stacking stuff and tower-style piles of things in various containers and things jammed on top of my stamp sets drawers, which was where it needed to go... Excited to begin, I took everything off the top of my cabinets and filled 3 tables 1 foot and a half high with stuff...Oh my! I have been sorting, gathering and making use of this new-found storage space, and am down to a half a table left to clear. Monday, my husband the brought home the last of the 3 hutches they were getting rid of at work...but this one is going over HIS desk area, because now that my space is looking pretty good now, his space is looking pretty bad.

Well, I have typed way too much and realize I should have split this day's entry up a bit... and now I find I cannot 'copy' and paste on another entry.

Hope you didn't mind...have a great day!


bigSIS said...

Beautiful! I'm curious to see how your stamp room is looking...exciting when it all has a home, hey?

don't worry about the long posts...I have a really hard time writing anything less than a novel, but maybe if i post more often it would help! =)
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Your card is beautiful. As for the long post...I love reading. I think it is great that you are slowly organizing.

Ari Vega-Macias said...

whoaaaaaaaaa beautiful card:) i would love to see pics.

Stampin' Meg said...

FABULOUS snowflake card!

Kerry said...

Beautiful card! I love the colors and embossing. My only thought for a sentiment is to put it on the inside of the card...maybe along with another stamped snowflake?

Loretta Rodger said...

Beautiful cards! I am sure you are excited to get your stamp room in order! Good luck with that project and I hope you'll post some pictures of it soon!

Susan said...

What a great snowflake card. I like the colors and how you embossed both halves of the background.

I know what you mean about getting a mammogram. The first time I had one I was so nervous and I made the mistake of looking at the "squish". I actually fainted while I was still stuck in the machine! Fortunatley the nurse caught me before I tore something off. I've had many since then without incident (I always keep my eyes closed) but I still dread them.