Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday!

I got my SCS technique challenge done early in the day for a change. Today was a technique called Chalk Pouncing, which is much like Poppin' Pastels, except that you first rub your chalk as a background before popping your pastels in the forefront. What an easy way to get a card done quickly! I poked (pierced) the corner holes using my Mat Pack and backed the roses with triangles of Real Red behind the corners only...then I used a card from my S&F box that had happened to already have the Stitched Background stamped on it. I put a little ribbon on the stem, and wished I could think of something more to add...but couldn't think of any, so here it is!

What is an S&F Box, you ask? It is a box of stuff I have from cards and paper projects that were begun and for some reason or another I didn't finish. Sometimes, I don't know what I am going to end up with when I start a project. So I begin it and in trying to find the right look (the one I'm not sure what I'm looking for), I might try a few things and then go another direction and end up with all these trims and images, backgrounds and unfinished possibilities. I throw them in a box to grab and paw through when I need something for a different project. My mom actually has one of these boxes too, and I laughed when she told me what she called hers...but it is what I call mine now too. (I love my mom!) I shortened the name here to S&F and if you want to tell me what you think the initials stand for (two words and not swear words), I'll let you know only if you are right. In the meantime, maybe you would come up with an even better name for the box for me to use in its entirety.

Now, go and enjoy your day!