Monday, January 19, 2009

Paper Roses Tole Card

First of all, please click on the photo for a close up of the roses, so you know why I am so anxious to share these with you! I found this great "sneak-preview" tutorial last week which explained how to make these roses with a brand new 'deckle cut" rectangle set of Nestablilities, to be released later this month. So I, not having a set to try this out immediately after seeing it, grabbed my old-fashioned deckle scissors and cut my own out to see how it would work. I was way-less than enthused by the time I was finished shaping it...but when it dried, it seemed like it came to life!...hard to explain it, so you have to try it and let me know. (No deckles? then tear your paper!) I alternated Bravo Burgandy and some old Baroque Burgandy rectangles (slightly elongated squares), and staggered the corners when I laid them together and glued with Fabri-tac. You wouldn't have to stick with the deep reds. I actually think So Saffron and More Mustard word work well too - and they are just scrap sizes so go crazy! The other weird thng about these roses, is that after getting paper wet and letting it dry after you've done your shaping, the roses become very stiff like cardboard! If you try this, link back and I'd love to see how yours turned out!


Jackie said...

I LOVE your card! Those flowers are fabulous and the colors are great together!! excellent work!!!

CREATE=FUN said...

how pretty. the flowers are beautiful!

Joanne Travis said...

So beautiful, it looks almost real!