Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trio of Cards from my Secret Stamper

This entry is featuring 3 cards I have gotten from my Secret Stamper in Michigan Mingle Group. I do not know who she is, so I can not give her the credit she deserves! (YET!) But, please leave comments for her on this entry, because I believe she did a fabulous job on all of them!
How I LOVE my coffee! Anyone who knows me knows that I practically live with a mug in my hand, from morning til bed-time. (Caffeine has never bothered me - unless I was pregnant, which then was doctored with milk and sugar to accomodate my changing cravings, LOL).
But I have a full cup cupboard for my ever changing fancies durring the day about which cup I feel like sipping out of...and this would be one I would grab for a morning-blend coffee. Great card and colors!

This pocket card sporting Spring colors (and I long for spring to get here!) has an adorable window filled with springy flowers, and the ribbon pull tag lifts the card from the pocket

See when it is lifted? Really very sweet!
Have you heard of the Michigan Mingle being held in Bay City Michigan? There's only a little more time to sign up, but you can read about it on under the forum label "Get it Together" on the spot called Michigan Mingle. For anyone who wants to attend, act quickly and let me know if you want to carpool - I'm driving from Baraga.

I think that this card is called a "squash card." Made from a 12x12" piece of beautiful cardstock (and I would love to know who makes such a heavy double-sided paper as this!). My Secret Stamper used the patterns on both sides to make a large 6x6 card with a unique fold and fun to open note inside. I am thinking I found the correct ribbon to put back through the holes in the bottom. My 4 year old daughter likes to "find" (read: "filch") things for her little stamping cubby, and this looked like a recent "finding" when I found it there! She has great taste!
Remember - please leave some comments for Secret Stamper's awesome cards.
C-ya Later Today!


Jackie said...

Fabulous cards! I like them all...lucky girl!!!

Brenda said...

Your Secret Stamper is lucky to have you! I especially loved all the bright and cheery spring colors used!

Jaspere said...

These are wonderful. Lucky you!

CREATE=FUN said...

all very cute., wonderful job.

Ronnie said...

These cards are awesome! I have never tried any of the neat folded cards but I really need to!

Sharon said...

Wow, these are all so awesome!! Love the spring colors...and the folder surprise card is beautiful!

Michelle said...

OMG! Love those cards! Your Secret Sister has some great talent!! I think we're twins lost at birth too....I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to type with one hand because the other doesn't want to let go of my coffee cup! LOL! I too have a cabinet full of cups and always have one near by! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne Travis said...

Fabulous!! I love all of your cards and the unique folds.
Happy Valentine's Day!!